The Green Nugget: New Vibes, New Faces, Same Damn Good Weed

Cruising down Francis headed east, I find myself coming into Hillyard, a densely-populated portion of Spokane with all spectrums of urban living, from blue collar to white collar; this area houses one of the best skate parks in the Northwest, and one of the finest recreational cannabis shops in all of Washington. Since its conception at the dawn of the recreational industry, The Green Nugget has outgrown its previous form and is now metamorphosing into a modern connoisseur destination. With a new management team, The Green Nugget is essentially a brand new shop.

The People

Matthew Hawkins, Director of Operations and Marketing, has ensured that the new look and feel of the shop rivals Seattle’s hip, swanky cannabis marketplace. “We cleaned up a lot of the products, people and vibe of The Green Nugget,” Matthew explains, “still knowing and understanding that we’re in Hillyard, and continuing to support the community that supports us.” A change of product offerings means a new learning curve for consumers, but the staff has made it an easy transition for shop regulars. “Having a team that’s on point is making this a successful shop,” says Matthew. While he takes on the big picture aspects of the store, manager Joe Jarolim, Jr., directs the day-to-day activity and operational flow. Combined, their leadership allows their team to crush it on the daily.

The Products

While keeping classic brands such as Klaritie and BudCo Farms, they have added major industry names in all categories, including heavy flower producers like AURA, Legends, Sweet As! and Bang’s. For munchie madness, Journeyman, Honu, Inc. and GaGa provide The Green Nugget with all the treats they need. I also love seeing tinctures by Ethos Innovates on the shelves. With new concentrate lines from Kush Valley, GaGa, El Dorado and Sweet As!, just to name a few, they are hitting the price points us oil heads love to see—and there’s even some high-terp sauce products in there, too.

The Place

The Green Nugget is amidst a company-wide face lift. Matthew and Joe have created new imagery and branding, even sprucing up the logo. They’ve decided to coincide the new marketing directive with a fully revamped store, creating a place for customers to sit and chill, or alternately, to hit up the express window and be in and out within minutes. “It’s like discovering a whole new shop,” as Matthew says, and I have to agree. The Green Nugget has always been a powerhouse in the Spokane canna-community, and now it’s going to be a juggernaut.

Location: 1919 E Francis Ave. Spokane, WA 99208 (509) 309-2130

Store hours: Mon-Sat: 9am-10pm, Sun: 10am-8pm

Website: | Twitter: @TheGreenNugget_


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