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Grow Lighting Redefined: Next-Gen LED Lighting Becomes Growers’ Most Valuable Asset

Today's LED lighting solutions are built to specifically meet the demands of cannabis growers. To seize greater control over their…
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A Vision Of Harmony Farms: Permeating Longevity, Creativity and Quality

Brilliant, Green Ninja Scientists I dream of Gene Wilder overseeing the Tier III facility in Lacey, Washington – producing Green…

Danielle And Juddy Rosellison: Blazing Trails for Sustainable Cannabis

As a young couple in 2009, the Rosellisons—Juddy, a bike and ski shop owner, and Danielle, a mortgage professional—started growing…

Smokus Focus: Flower Stash Jars

Upon first glance it’s easy see what makes the Smokus Focus jars so exciting. This airtight jar with six small…

The Flip Chip: What’s up with LED?

Still shaking the bulb to see if it’s out? From car headlights to light bulbs and street lamps, everything seems…

Enlightened Health: Professional Cannabis Experts Pushing the R&D Envelope

The Plants From seed to sale, LivWell cultivates and retails specially-bred and grown cannabis for all different types of patients…