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Sparc Unifies Brand: Sonoma’s Peace in Medicine Becomes Sparc

Rohnert Park, CA. – May 22, 2017 — Erich Pearson, the founder and CEO of SPARC, and, Robert Jacob, the founder of Peace in Medicine have announced that as of May 22, 2017, Peace in Medicine of Santa Rosa and Sebastopol will both be named SPARC.

Both brands represent the same compassionate values when it comes to member services, high quality medicine, and a professional operation appreciated by neighbors, residents, regulators, and patients alike. This shared vision has and will continue to benefit the staff and members of both organizations, now coming together under one name – SPARC. The transition to the SPARC name will occur over the next several months and is expected to be seamless for patients and employees.

“To ensure both outfits survive and remain competitive under the new regulatory framework, we felt it important to complete the integration that started 2 years ago and unite under one brand,” enthused Pearson. “SPARC will continue to model best practices and develop innovative protocols to serve not only our members, but the cannabis industry as a whole.”

By unifying our brands, the SPARC and Peace in Medicine families together will amplify their mission to bring sustainable, affordable, and quality-controlled medicine to qualified patients through professional and transparent dispensing and cultivation practices. This unification further demonstrates how responsible professional cannabis collectives like SPARC and Peace in Medicine can unite under a community-based approach to bring the best results to our employees and members.

“SPARC has been a part of the Sonoma County community for many years, just under a different name,” added Pearson. “We’re proud to bring the whole family together under one name, SPARC.”

Erich Pearson will continue as CEO — a role he began a year ago when Mr. Jacob took a leave of absence to care for his late-mother. Upon her recent death in April, Mr. Jacob stepped down as the Executive Director.

“Robert has built an exceptional team at Peace in Medicine and his unfortunate departure has saddened us all,” said Pearson. “We are so lucky to have a group of dedicated and experienced professionals with whom I will work closely to honor the core values established by his leadership.”

“Building Peace in Medicine and serving as the Executive Director was a service of the heart and has been among the greatest privileges in my career,” remarked Jacob. “I am confident Pearson’s ability to position the SPARC family to achieve our shared vision.”

“I am proud of how far local and state cannabis regulations have come. We are in a new era.” said Jacob. “Emblematic of this I am joining 421 Group, a local cannabis consultancy, to continue good work for the community.”


SPARC is a not-for-profit collective dedicated to providing the highest quality, lab-tested, affordable cannabis and subsidized health services to our members. We aim to educate our members about cannabis treatments and other alternative health approaches to supplement their medicine. Additionally, SPARC advocates for government change. We seek to be a voice for the implementation of best practices for the regulation and taxation of medical cannabis.


SPARC supports their local communities in many ways. For more than a decade SPARC has provided free medical cannabis to those members in hospice care and in severe financial need via our “Compassion Program.” Partnering with existing nonprofit hospices, SPARC has proudly delivered free cannabis to hospice patients every two weeks without missing a week since opening their first dispensary. From giving outside of our organizations, SPARC is highly involved with community activities like neighborhood cleanups, developing parks, and even becoming active members in local neighborhood associations and community organizations from Sonoma County to San Francisco County.

While members of our collective often come to us first for medicine, over time we want them to also utilize other healing techniques that can help them improve their health. SPARC & Peace in Medicine offer access to a wide range of healing and internal community building services including: lab-tested medicine, game nights, cannabis education classes and consultations, jazz nights, community and cultural theater, vendor presentations and samplings. Further, SPARC participates in park development, free-compassionate medicine to patients in need, and in building and helping programs through numerous organizations that benefit the entire community.

Erich Pearson will continue to lead SPARC through this merger and beyond. As a Sonoma resident and long-time Sonoma employer, Erich is keenly aware of the concerns and desires of Sonoma County and the communities in which dispensaries, cultivation, testing, and manufacturing facilities are located. Erich is dedicated to providing the high level of professionalism, partnership and responsiveness our neighbors and community partners have come to expect of both organizations.