Review: The Happy Crop Shoppe

The History

July 14 is a day that the happy customers of the aptly named Happy Crop Shoppe (abbreviated: THC Shoppe) ought to remember when it rolls around again. Whether by serendipity or design, the third location of this local chain opened its doors on July 14, 2016; a date that the customers, staff and ownership will recall as the two-year anniversary of the grand opening of their very first store in East Wenatchee. From the start, The Happy Crop Shoppe has intentionally grown the business to be part of the local community’s landscape, even committing to sponsor a Wenatchee chamber event.


The People

Co-owners Allie Jordan and Cory Wedt spoke to DOPE about the store’s continued dedication to their local community. When they informed me that THC Shoppe boasts staffs who are all knowledgeable of and very in tune with their local products, and work towards creating a positive culture within their store. The effects of this positive culture on the community however, extend well beyond the walls of the Shoppe as a large portion of their products originate within a tight radius of the store. This has allowed THC Shoppe to build tight-knit relationships with not only their customers, but also their suppliers. As Jordan pointed out, “We want to be the shop where everyone wants to come back.”

The Product

Many of the products you will find on THC Shoppe’s shelves are exclusive. Produced by local Tier I and Tier II farms, THC Shoppe’s product list promotes a positive effect on local commerce, while offering unique products you simply won’t find anywhere else. This focus on locally-sourced products, combined with everyday offers of $20 three gram bubs, allowed THC Shoppe to easily become one of the community’s favorite stores. Earlier this year in fact, The Wenatchee World spoke for community opinion and awarded The Happy Crop Shoppe the honor of “The World’s Best”the publications recognition of the best local businesses.

“We want to be the shop where everyone wants to come back.” Allie Jordan, The Happy Crop Shoppe Co-Owner


Mon-Thu: 10:00AM–8:00PM
Fri-Sat: 10:00AM–9:00PM
Sun: 10:00AM–6:00PM


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