Review: Mary Jane’s Medicinals

I was very excited to try the Pain Relief Salve from Mary Jane’s Medicinals, as I have lingering pain due to injuries caused by a car accident. Mary Jane’s focus is on cannabis-infused topical products that provide an alternative to ingesting cannabis, ensuring relief without psychoactive effects.

My neck and shoulders were feeling tight and I had been dealing with a headache all day, so I used the salve on my temples and neck. I immediately noticed that it didn’t take much of the salve to get the job done, and it took effect within 10 minutes. My headache was barely noticeable the rest of the evening, and it was the first time that day that I wasn’t focused on my pain. When I used the salve on my neck and shoulders, the results were similar, with the added bonus of helping release tension and tightness. I’ll be keeping this salve handy from now on!

$15 for 1 oz. | $25 for 2 oz. | $45 for 4 oz.

Dope Staff

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