Review: Coconut Kush

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Coconut Kush

Bred by master grower Rik “Shiva” Sharaj, Coconut Kush is a strain exclusive to 99 High Tide Collective. Known for his incredible knowledge of the plant, sitar skills, and shamanic wisdom, Sharaj was always a highly-regarded member of the cannabis community. His untimely passing in 2012 was deeply felt by many, and his legacy has lived on through the superior genetics of Coconut Kush. Originally bred for incredible taste and aroma, this strain is now known for providing a uniquely spiritual high. Its genetic makeup includes Pre ’91 Chemdog, Chocolate Thai, Maui Silver Haze, and a secret strain. With great success relieving stress, depression, anxiety, and migraines, Coconut Kush can be effectively utilized for a variety of ailments.

Coconut Kush pile
Coconut Kush pile
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