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Grown at more than two miles above sea level in picturesque Leadville, Colo., Nature’s Spirit is working to ensure that its Black Diamond strain is as well known and satisfying in the Rockies as the black diamond ski runs that draw so many people to the Centennial State. Black Diamond comes from a lineage of East Coast Sour Diesel and Neville’s Haze.

Therapeutic benefits

If you’re looking for a strain that can help reduce headaches, Black Diamond may be for you. Several customers have reported a sharp decrease in migraines after enjoying their Black Diamond.


Simply put, Black Diamond is gorgeous as it exhibits huge lighter green buds. Nature’s Spirit is built on reputation and won’t sell anything that falls below 20% THC, ensuring their customers have the finest experience possible. Black Diamond keeps that tradition alive.


A sweet aftertaste follows a sour start. Black Diamond has a difference you can taste as the strain is nurtured with only organic products.


A slight sour, yet crisp smell accompanies Black Diamond. Some of the sour lemon smell points directly to Black Diamond being a descendant of East Coast Sour Diesel.


This strain can hit pretty hard pretty quick. Black Diamond is a strain that works well if you’re looking to completely decompress or have a little additional fun while playing video games. If you’re looking for a strain to have and accomplish some work, this isn’t it. It’s potent, but you also don’t have to worry about any paranoia.

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