Projector Canteens: Handmade, Retro-Vintage Hybrids

ProjectOR founder Lorenzo Perez creates and sells his handmade wares at festivals and events across Oregon from his vintage van. Utilizing Pendleton wool, vintage textiles and Hawaiian prints, Perez creates Canteens that evoke a nostalgic vibe while remaining relevant to the now. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to carry your water on a hike in the Gorge, or a svelte container for a bottle of wine at an outdoor concert, these vessels are a practical and artistic way to imbibe on the go. ProjectOR “endeavors to become as native, primal and self-reliant as we can be,” says Perez. “I believe a canteen can be symbolic. It can elude to showing that nature exists, and can be enjoyed with minimal modern encumbrances.” They’ve clearly hit the mark with these canteens, inspiring both exploration and adventure.

PRICE: $40-$60

AVAILABLE AT: | @projectorstreetshop

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