Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller has been a contributing writer for Dope Magazine since January 2016. Since joining, he has produced numerous features reviewing the many different cannabis products the Washington cannabis market has to offer. Along with writing, Aaron has been working on the retail side of cannabis since 2015. While studying print and online journalism for 2 years, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History from Central Washington University in 2012. He has a passion for cannabis education and would love to see much more funding for research into the effects of the individual cannabinoids. One of the top items on his cannabis bucket list is to road trip across America and smoke a joint in every state. With the trend of legalization, he hopes to realize this dream sooner rather than later.

Author's Articles


Cannabis City

Cannabis City – Seattle, WA Cannabis City has been an icon in the legal cannabis movement since opening back in…

Satori South

Satori South – Spokane, WA Since opening in 2016, Satori South has been providing Spokane’s South Hill neighborhood with a…
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Pure Joy Shizzle Budder

Shizzle Energy Nut Budder by Pure Joy Family Farm Pure Joy’s Shizzle Energy Nut Budder is a fresh take on…
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Utopia Sparkling Water

Utopia Sparkling Water by Tarukino The simple, fresh taste of the Utopia Sparkling Water from Tarukino Inc. is truly remarkable—it’s…

Georgetown Cannabis Co.’s Seattle Sadist: Feel the Plume!

Despite its name, Georgetown Cannabis Co.'s Seattle Sadist provides a fun, cerebral high that left me barely functional-in the best…
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Crunchy Chocolate Covered Almonds: Sublime Portable Snack from Swifts!

Green Labs LLC's line of edibles, Swifts, has always been top-quality. Their vegan and gluten-free Chocolate Covered Almonds are no…

Seattle Green Bud/Saints Joints’ Actual Pain: Relax and Enjoy Life

A complex mix of strains AK-47, Black Domina and Papaya, Seattle Green Bud/Saints Joints' Actual Pain has a powerful high…

Sunshine of Your Lemon: Soulshine’s Super Sour Diesel

Super Sour Diesel, a combo of Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, is a popular strain many cannabis enthusiasts love.…
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Mammoth Labs’ Petroleum Jelly: Zesty Citrus Euphoria!

This Petroleum Jelly extraction from Mammoth Labs is exquisite. The soft, orange wax is easily workable and sports visible terpene…

Find Nirvana With Cannasutra: Good Luck Finding Anything Else!

Cannasutra blends Reclining Buddha and Sensi Star into a particularly memorable strain perfect for slowing everything down. With a powerful,…