Products We Love: French Inhale

Have you been spending your summer months lusting after an epic vacation? Maybe a couple cannabis-themed weeks in Paris? Us too, but since we couldn’t pull it off we put together this spread of French cannabis fashion and fabulous weed-themed traveling accessories.

products we love French Inhale

Cannabis pictured provided by Cultivar Syndicate

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Pardon my French, but Tealer’s approach to cannabis streetwear is blowing a lot of American brands out of the water with their en francais fashion sense. There’s a reason why fashion trends hail from this part of the world, and why Tealer’s clothing and accessories are a cut above the competition.


Prices vary


Feeling like soaking and scrubbing yourself with the sweet scent of Pineapple Express? BudSuds provides that option via their handcrafted soaps that feature dry ice extracted kief combined with coconut oil, ultimately designing a very unique experience for those interested in cannabis topicals.


Price: $8.99


Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the smell of cannabis. Handcrafted in Connecticut, Kushley products aim to extinguish the odor of cannabis while simultaneously freshening the air around you with a light and invigorating fragrance. Featuring both sprays and candles, these products are a solid buy for the smoker looking for a little discretion.


Prices vary

G-Pen Elite

The G-Pen Elite is a powerful combination of chronic and ergonomics. Holding it in your hand, you’ll feel as though it was custom made to fit your palm—and one cloudy hit off of it and you might be high enough to think the aforementioned was an actual possibility. Featuring a beastly ceramic chamber and smart chip technology, this portable vape is a smart buy.


Price: 169.95

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The sleekness of the Herbalizer makes it an incognito addition to any room or situation. With its innovative style and approach to vaporizing though, you’ll be eager to bust it out and show your friends and family just how this somewhat space age looking contraption gets down on some finely-ground cannabis.


Price: $599

CFX Vape

Walkie-talkie-esque and ready to vaporize both flower and concentrates, the CFX Vape by Boundless Vapes is a portable vaporizer with functionality on its side. The exterior casing provides durability, while the screen allows you to closely monitor your heat. The end result is an epic hit of vaporized cannabis.


Price: $179.99

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