A Photog’s Travel Bag

  1. Sunglasses – Protect those ojos. Nobody wants to have to squint through the sunshine to see the beauty of their destination. Pro Tip: Don’t bring your most expensive pair with you, so if they get lost it’s no biggie.
  2. Watch – Depending on where you’re headed, there may not always be cell service. Keep a watch handy so that you don’t miss a second, especially those of you who like schedules. Pro Tip: It’s probably best you leave your Rolex at home. Get something that is sturdy, can undergo wear and tear and doesn’t scream “Rob me!”
  3. Cell and wallet case – Easy access to all the necessities. Pro Tip: Make sure that this is always put away tightly in your pack, not your pocket or side bag. Pickpocketing is very real.
  4. Cordless Phone Charger – Plug-ins are not universal, so charging your phone the typical way isn’t always a possibility. This is a fast and efficient way to charge your phone.
  5. Passport – The most important piece of artillery you can pack! This little blue book is the key to all your new adventures.
  6. Water bottle – Extremely necessary. Water is life.
  7. DOPEN – Second only to your passport, make sure to pack your handy dandy DOPEN for a smart and discreet on-the-go vaping experience.
  8. Memory cards – You can never have too many memories to look back on. Bring extra memory cards so you don’t miss a moment.
  9. Headphones – Perfect for a long plane ride.
  10. Lens cleaner – Keep those lenses squeaky clean.
  11. Camera w/extra lens – Whether you plan to create a photo journal of your trip or simply want to capture a few special moments on film, a camera is a must. Pro Tip: A camera screams “tourist,” so be sure to stay aware of your surroundings when you’re out photographing the beauty of the area, and when you’re not using it, put it away.
  12. Travel Journal & Guide Book – A travel journal isn’t just for those with the gift of prose. It’s also a great place to keep track of the shops, people and eateries you discover along the way; you can return to your favorites (or know what to avoid) next time you travel through.
  13. Jacket – Rain or shine, you will need some sort of jacket. Too much sun on those shoulders can be painful after a few days, so something light and non-restrictive is ideal. If your destination is rainy or cold, obviously bring something more heavy duty!
  14. CBD Lotion/Topical – CBD topicals are great for everything from bug bites and sunburns to minor aches and pains or cramping. This is a great all-in-one product for the smart packer. Pro tip: Check the legality of CBD where you’re traveling, it just might be worth the wait home.

Luna Reyna

Luna Reyna believes in the power of journalistic activism and social responsibility. As a writer with DOPE, she tackles many social justice topics that often do not receive the coverage they deserve within the cannabis industry, as well as issues of inclusivity regarding race, gender, class and the LGBTQ communities (to name a few). Luna is also the editor for a magazine called Earthlings Entertainment, serving everywhere from British Columbia on down the north west and pushing east as the progression continues. Earthlings Entertainment challenges the status quo through artistic expression and creative inspiration. EE is committed to curating, highlighting, and sharing only the most intelligent, intriguing, original, and downright edgy releases in Hip Hop and the genres that Hip Hop is a progression of, as well as the umbrella of Electronic music and its sub genres. She also works with The Colossal Collective, a rad group of creative creatures that design larger-than life-puppets you may have seen at one music festival or another.

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