Review: Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie by Dirt Ninja Farms


As the child of a superstar, Key Lime Pie was born to shine in the — umm, limelight. (Sorry.) Girl Scout Cookies boasts a large number of gourmet phenotypes that almost anyone would be happy to get their hands on. KLP is a resin-rich, sweet, delicious, relaxing hybrid that maintains a 75/25 balance of indica/sativa characteristics.

Therapeutic Benefits

Relaxation set in after a few minutes, easing my stress levels and easing my chronic low back and neck pain. Creativity and deep reflection are a common reward for partaking in this dessert-like strain.


A bright lime green with thick layers of frosty trichomes and gold pistils, these little tree shaped nugs could sub right into any wintertime miniature snow scene.

Key Lime Pie Strain
Key Lime Pie Strain


Curiously minty with a delicious undertone of lime aroma, the name is right on point. Setting these fine buds next to real lime, the similarity in the scent was striking.


As with many gourmet Girl Scout Cookies-inspired phenotypes, KLP bursts with mouth-satisfying flavor. Creamy spicy notes blending lime and mint mix with the baked scent traditional of GSC to provide the crust in this dank rendition of the favorite desert.


Finding this perfect for unwinding on the porch with company or alone, I kept a thirst-quenching drink and snack handy, as the heavier indica qualities here often result in couch-lock with a hearty appetite. A bit strong for newbees, pace yourself to achieve the desired result.

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