Safe Harbor for Cancer Patients: Jetty Extracts

Safe Harbor for Cancer Patients: Jetty Extracts

A Jetty is a pier built with the intention of protecting boats in the harbor, and houses near the shore. It’s very function is one of serenity, one of silent protection for a community exposed to the elements. So it’s only fitting that Jetty Extracts would have a similar role in their community as well. Their program, aptly named The Shelter Project, is a no-cost service available to any cancer patient with a valid medical recommendation.

Those who sign up are eligible to receive up to four free products a month courtesy of Jetty Extracts and their donors. Products range from oil cartridges to rosin. Some patients choose to use cannabis oil in junction with chemotherapy, some use it in holistic approaches that are chemo and radiation free, and even veteran cancer survivors use products from the Shelter Project to maintain wellness and deal with the traumatic effects of cancer.

“Thank you for everything. Yeah chemotherapy is a bitch but because of what you do it’s been much easier.”

I spoke with Lindsey Friedman, Jetty Extracts co-founder and head of the Shelter Project, as well as Deanna Calahan, Chief Production Officer, about why Jetty decided to offer this service to the California medical marijuana community. They told me that helping people was why Jetty got started in the first place; the Shelter Project seemed like the natural thing to do.

It certainly met a need; the Shelter Project currently serves over three hundred people, and Jetty is receiving more applications every day. Patients are overjoyed with the assistance they’re receiving, and testimonials come in all the time of people who have truly benefited from the Shelter Project. “I wanted to let y’all know how much I love you!” one patient writes, “I am so very grateful for you!” Another tells Jetty: “Thank you for everything. Yeah chemotherapy is a bitch but because of what you do it’s been much easier.”

Jetty Patient
Jetty Patient

If you want help it’s simple, whenever you purchase a product from Jetty Extracts, another is donated to someone in need. There are other ways to help as well including donating grow equipment, high-CBD clones and volunteering your time. Friedman says they’re even open to collaboration with other companies, so who knows? The future is looking limitless and bright for Jetty Extracts.

If you’re interested in signing up or helping out visit:

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