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Firstly, it’s okay to ask, “What is a macaroon?” You may be familiar with the French dessert ‘Macaron’ and despite the one “O” in the spelling there is quite a difference between the two. Macarons are cookies made with almond and egg whites, sandwiched around a cream-based filling; macaroons are traditionally made of ground almonds, coconut, and other nuts. Both versions may be found passing over the lips of discerning dessert connoisseurs the world over, but when Healthy High comes on the scene, the macaroon ascends to a whole new level.

Baker Malcom began his journey with Healthy High as a Hollywood personal chef. Inspired by the challenge of producing delicious products for clients with specific dietary requirements, he began baking high-quality, tasty edibles to appeal to consumers of cannabis with specific needs.

The cacao macaroon was Healthy High’s first creation and represents the company’s commitment to vegan, organic, raw, and gluten-free lifestyles. A blend of indica dominant Bubba Kush, Banana Kush and Blackberry Kush infused coconut oil provides the medicinal kick and along with desiccated coconut the treat has an overall coconut heavy flavor. The sweetness is balanced by bitter cacao and rounded out with organic agave and smooth vanilla. It’s crumbly in texture, but is chewier than expected. There is enough to share if you can manage to keep from eating the whole thing; each macaroon holds 65 mg of THC.

Eating therapeutic cannabis is the healthiest method of consumption, but like everything else we eat, awareness of ingredient quality is important. Healthy High Edible’s cocoa macaroon makes it easy to be good to yourself.


• Healthy High only use 100% organic coconut oil when making their infusions.  

• Their raw products have the added benefit of retaining all the low-temperature sensitive cannabinoids which are often destroyed in the baking process due to the high heat.

• Healthy High uses real, wholesome, natural ingredients that you will recognize by name, not junk that’s made in a laboratory.

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