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Viva Las Vega: Flora Vega Grows with the Southern Nevada Market

Flora Vega Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV

Flora Vega – Las Vegas, NV

In Southern Nevada, most marijuana cultivations are located far on the outskirts of town, often beyond the city limits and reliable cell phone reception. But Flora Vega’s 45,000-square-foot facility is located amidst gas stations, fast food joints and other signs of civilization.

Flora Vega Cannabis – Las Vegas, NV

Within what looks like an anonymous warehouse, long hallways lead to seemingly endless acres of plants developing from seedlings into trichome-heavy buds. “We do every job every week, we harvest every week,” says Flora Vega General Manager Nick Puliz. In rooms throughout the facility, Flora Vega grows about 24 strains at any given time, including Primus, Lavender Jones and Desert Snow. Plants are shifted from room to room as they advance through the grow cycle, then they’re harvested, dried, cured, cleaned and packaged in sizes from ounce to pre-roll.

Flora Vega received their cultivation license in December of 2015 and have been growing marijuana for the Nevada medical and recreational markets ever since. “If you can grow in this market, with this stringent testing, you can grow anywhere,” explains Cody Roelfs, Flora Vega’s Director of Operations, noting that the state’s strict regulations promote the production of high-quality cannabis.

Flora Vega Cannabis – Las Vegas, NV

Employees at the cultivation are familiar with every step of the process. “At this facility we promote from within, so we start at the bottom of the totem pole,” says Roelfs. “In our opinion, you need to know how to clean everything to utilize the products further along in the process. So we bring everybody in as part of our cleaning group and we move along from there. We’ve had people accelerate quickly, some people like where they’re at.”

As with other cannabusinesses in Nevada, Flora Vega views the recent switch to recreational as an opportunity to expand. Puliz is even considering applying for one of the new dispensary licenses that will soon be available. And where would he put said license? “Right out front,” he laughs.

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