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When Mary Babitz became employee number two of Cascade TEK in 1992, she had no idea more than twenty years later she would become one of the company’s owners as well the CEO. Nor would she have guessed she would create Cascade Botanical, a subsidiary of Cascade TEK that is 100 percent focused on the cannabis industry. For that matter, it wouldn’t have occurred to her that there would even be a legitimate cannabis industry for which a subsidiary of Cascade TEK dedicated exclusively to cannabis should be created. Fortunately, fate has smiled on us all and she did, she did and there is.

Today Cascade TEK, based in Hillsboro, Oregon, employs 23 people and has earned a stellar reputation for making high quality vacuum ovens for the aerospace, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical industries. A few years ago, the support team at Cascade TEK began getting some fairly sophisticated questions from people who preferred not to explain exactly what it was they were doing. Before long, the company’s reps were having all sorts of conversations about solvent extractions, CO2, ethanol, medibles and more.

All of the sudden, people who didn’t much look like the traditional Cascade TEK customer started showing up at the company’s H.Q. with fragrant bags of cash looking to buy small truckloads of equipment. These people were a little more relaxed, tended to have longer hair, bushier beards and listened to better music.

As it turned out, the build quality, advanced controller technology, the ability to maintain a steady, even temperature throughout the whole oven along with all the other things that made Cascade TEK so popular with customers like NASA were just as important to the people at the leading edge of the cannabis extract business. Once Cascade’s management team came to understand the role vacuum ovens play in making extractions clean and safe for use, it didn’t take long for them to decide to make a serious commitment to the industry. In 2014, Cascade Botanical was born.

Designed For Professional Extractors

This August, Cascade Botanical released its first ovens designed from the ground up for professional cannabis extractors. The new ovens come standard with a more advanced temperature controller offering new features and functions along with built in over temperature protection. Other improvements include quarter-turn Swagelock valves, a digital vacuum gauge and a retransmit port that allows time, temperature and vacuum data to be exported and logged. In addition, both models are TUV SUD certified, making them the first vacuum ovens in the industry to carry a safety certification from an accredited third party testing lab at no additional cost to the customer. They are also still the only vacuum ovens designed and manufactured in the United States.

“Unlike the first generation of Cascade Botanical ovens, which were modified versions of existing products, these new models have been built to accommodate the needs of professional extractors, whose process is very different than that of a typical TEK customer,” said Babitz, “and while many of the new features are making these customers very happy, few can rival the new safety certification, which more and more state and local governments are requiring for commercial cannabis processing facilities.”

Cascade Botanical also works with several vacuum pump manufacturers that understand the needs of professional extractors. One of the latest pumps, offered by Cascade Botanical, the CB 2052, was created by Welch specifically with these users in mind.

The new ovens are immediately available from Cascade Botanical and authorized resellers. The TVO-2 sells for $4,700 and the TVO-5 sells for $9,000. The new CB 2052 sells for $2,800 and comes with a connection kit and a passive trap.

An Elite Customer Base

Some of the best-known professionals in the industry today were among the very first Cascade Botanical customers and now have labs filled with ovens from Team Blue. These include Incredible Extracts, Absolute Terps and High Altitude Extracts in Colorado, the CO2 Company and Golden XTRX in Oregon and many of the top producers around the country.,


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