Cannabis And California Counties: Chico

With the historic passing of Prop 64 this last election it would seem that a lot of the California Cannabis Community’s problems would be 0ver. Many people are excited to be able to partake freely of their favorite medicine and preferred high.  However even with this victory for the cannabis movement, there still remains a potential obstacle for many cannabis users: their local government.

I live in a county called Butte in Northern California. Although medical marijuana is obtainable here, there are no storefronts due to local regulations that compare them to having strip clubs in the township. So I get my cannabis through a delivery service. There are many other counties that have the inconvenience of not allowing their medical patients to have a physical location to go to and actually see the medicine and talk to a budtender or other patients to aid in medicating.

This is unfortunately being carried over into the recreational sphere in my town as the local city council has voted to disallow recreational storefronts as well. These antiquated views on cannabis use are both ridiculous and scientifically unfounded. All that it really will achieve is the continued “underground” production and sale of cannabis. Think about it, would you rather go to a dispensary, where you are surrounded by other patrons, local police driving by, and security cameras, or would you rather have someone you don’t know deliver inprivate to you without all these safety nets? Though personally I have not had any dangerous situations in my home, this risk is still unfair to put onto medical OR recreational patients and their families.

The obstacle of misinformed or cannabis-opposed local government is one that can be hard to overcome, but each community can guard their rights in a few different ways. For one, vote in your local elections. Another effective way to have your voice heard is to attend city council meetings. Beyond that educate, educate, educate! Tell your friends, your school, your parents about how cannabis can help so many and deserves a fair shot.

Here are some Butte County and California references that may help in understanding local policies:

City council meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber, 421 Main Street, Chico, California. Meetings also are televised live on Cable Channel 11. Click here for more info on Council Meeting Conduct.

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