Burmese Kush by Marley Natural: Noteworthy Packaging; Buzzworthy Smoke

Test Results: THC: 25.56% | CBD: 0.09%

Tested by: 3B Analytical

On the shelf, Marley Natural looks impressive. The flower peeks out from wood-topped glass jars emblazoned with a lion logo. Each jar’s color-coded label indicates the category of cannabis contained within: hybrid, sativa, indica or CBD-rich. Marley Natural is stylish and refined. But sophisticated packaging and sleek marketing only go so far; with cannabis, we all can agree it’s the smoke the matters.

The Marley Green is a well-cured, hand-trimmed hybrid, Burmese Kush. Its crystal coating sparkles atop vivid green intercut by dark orange hairs. With a classic OG flavor profile of dirty pine trees and a buzz that steadily builds over the first ten minutes, the Marley Green is ideal for that after work session and could provide pain relief for those who suffer from digestive issues or need help getting to sleep.

img_3966-editMarley Natural delivers. The flower is every bit as impressive as the package that holds it, and the Burmese Kush is an excellent example of what this company has to offer.

Dope Staff

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