Bubblegum Kush


Bred by The Bulldog Seeds out of the Netherlands, this indoor/outdoor cross brings together two indica-dominant strains: Bubblegum and Kush. A creative name isn’t necessary for this potent strain preferred by many farmers for its large yields and 8 week flowering time.


A calming lime green, closer inspection reveals a golden hue due to numerous amber-colored resin glands coating every bit of the surface. Long dense flowers display a foxtail appearance featuring short, brick red hairs, and this looks more like a sativa than its indica genetics would indicate.

Therapeutic Benefits

Patients consistently rate this strain as a first-rate pain reliever and sedative. Bubblegum Kush has been known to relieve anxiety and assist in dealing with stressful situations thanks to the high levels of THC and a host of other beneficial cannabinoids. Some have found that it helps ease symptoms of glaucoma and arthritis.


Aptly named this has a scent similar to the favorite old school chewing gum. A fragrance of citrus comes through with bursts of lemon mixed with fruit. The scent is mild and unobtrusive, with the essential oils only releasing their scent after the flower is ground.


Surprisingly, the unmistakable flavor of Kush is the prominent contributor. There are sweet notes of candy as well as more floral flavors on the aftertaste. A rich, skunky taste of Kush blends nicely with subtle fruit essences. There isn’t much of a gum flavor when compared to the smell, but it tastes great nonetheless.


Relaxing and sedative in our experience; it’s nearly narcotic in larger amounts inducing yawns and droopy eyelids. I was left in a state of pure calm. Highly potent, this is a favorite among indica lovers who want the strength of a Kush to go along with their favorite sweet taste of Bubblegum.

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