Beehive Extracts’ Golden Pineapple

Golden Pineapple from Beehive Extracts

Delicious All Day Long

Test results: 78.89% THC | Tested by: GreenHaus

“We care about terpene preservation, and we’re diligent about the product coming in.” This is Beehive extractor Alex ‘Toast’ Troester’s explanation for why the Golden Pineapple from Beehive Extracts looks and smells so clean.

“We preserve the essence of the plant from start to finish,” adds Jim Dunn.

Their passion and knowledge is as clear as the BHO Beehive Extracts produces. Eye-catching from across the room, the translucent orange color only gets more impressive up close.

Unlike a lot of similarly named strains that carry the moniker but not the flavor, Beehive’s Golden Pineapple has a tropical fruit salad aftertaste, a combination of citrus, melon and raw cane sugar. It comes closer to the pineapple flavor than any strain I’ve tried, and it’s nice to have it so cleanly concentrated.

A perfect choice for first thing in the morning, Golden Pineapple offers an easy going high that likely won’t agitate consumers who need to be careful with certain sativas. It’s a product I could start the day with, and keep with me throughout the day, without feeling a heavy comedown. And with such a fruity taste, I might just feel healthy doing it.

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Beehive Extracts’ Golden Pineapple
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