Shasta Nelson
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Shasta Nelson, a NorCal native, has spent her life in and around the cannabis industry. Exposed to cannabis as medicine at a young age, she fell in love. Her interest and enthusiasm led her to participate in numerous branches of the cannabis industry; from managing a delivery service to growing and trimming, and finally into the field of cannabis journalism which combined her two greatest passions in life: writing and blazing. In addition to contributing to DOPE, she also writes and proofreads for Terpenes and Testing Magazine, a scientific publication, and hopes to launch her own cannabis culture website within the year.

Review: Green Fire Genetics

Green Fire Genetics Alaina Austin, founder of Green Fire Genetics is a young grower, but you would never guess it from her wisdom in genetics and gardening. Strolling through her garden in sunny North…

Review: THC Ticket

THC Ticket THC: 67.96% Tested by: Steep Hill Labs, Inc. | Provided by: Empress Extracts THC Ticket by Empress Extracts is a combination of THC Bomb by Purple City Genetics and Empress-grown Golden Tic…

Review: Sage N Sour

Tested by: Pure Analytics  30% Indica | 70% Sativa Producer: TH Seeds | Provided by: Grass Roots Oh San Francisco, my dear second home. How I’ve wanted to carry a bit of your sage-filled crystal shops…

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