Kyle Hubley
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Review: Shark Shock Shatter

  Shark Shock Shatter THC: 73.6% | CBD: 2.21% Produced & Provided by: Avitas Agriculture (Twitter @AvitasAG) Tested by: Confidence Analytics | Indica/Sativa: Indica-dominant Hybrid Shark Shoc…

Review: Black Berry Kush Clear

Strain name: Black Berry Kush Provided by: FlavRX Black Berry Kush is a revered indica-dominant hybrid that pulled no punches in providing powerful sedative effects. The luminous, orange syrup had dre…

Review: Oleum Extracts Gelato

Tested by: Confidence Analytics  Allow me to introduce Gelato, a revered indica-dominant hybrid strain that originates from a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This granul…

As a lifestyle publication, DOPE Magazine is dedicated to creating purposeful, relevant conversations. When we printed our inaugural issue in 2011 we positioned ourselves in the cannabis arena as a team of professionals determined to normalize the plant. While cannabis remains the central theme of our brand, 2017 has marked a turning point in our progression. We’ve built a steadfast framework of inclusivity when speaking about gender, race, class, politics, family and culture—with the ethos DEFEND.