Jeffrey Rindskopf

Jeffrey Rindskopf is a freelance writer and editor based in Seattle, born and raised in southern California. He attended film school at Chapman University before beginning his career as a freelancer in 2014, writing fiction and articles covering travel, food, and culture. When he isn't writing, Jeffrey likes to travel or simply melt into the couch while consuming some of his favorite media.

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DOPE Reviews

DOPE Review | “The Oath” 2018

The Oath (2018) At one point in “The Oath” — the new Thanksgiving-set dark family drama written, directed by, and…
DOPE Reviews

DOPE Review | “Halloween” 2018

Halloween (2018) “Do you know how I’ve prayed everyday that he would escape,” says Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) of…
Health & Wellness

So You Think You’re a Good Listener?: What Active Listening Really Entails

“You know what I mean?” A friend finishes speaking and looks to you for feedback. Only problem is, you weren’t…
DOPE Reviews

DOPE Reviews | First Man

First Man (2018) “First Man” opens on a darkened silhouette in a spacecraft shaking violently upon reentry into the Earth’s…

The Juicy Pomelo Fruit Chew: Tasty, Long-Lasting Body High

Juicy Pomelo Fruit Chew by GaGa Edibles The Juicy series Pomelo Fruit Chew from GaGa Edibles is tasty enough that,…

LA Cookies: Relaxing Hybrid Head High

LA Cookies by Freddy’s Fuego The first thing I noticed about LA Cookies was the color. Running one of the…
Garden Reviews

Freddy’s Fuego: Sailing on the High Seas

Freddy’s Fuego – Poulsbo, WA Tim Haggerty and three friends founded Freddy’s Fuego in early 2017, after the recreational cannabis…

A Spooky Girl’s Illustrations

Growing up, Andrea Nancy always felt differentsomehow, like she didn’t fit into society’s conventional standards for feminine beauty — as…
Law & Politics

The Rise of Universal Basic Income

Andrew Yang has made a living creating jobs. As founder of the nonprofit entrepreneurial firm Venture for America, he’s met…
Garden Reviews

Virginia Company: Pristine, Innovative Growing Processes Garner Success

Virginia Company – Spokane, WA Chris Lane was in law school when Washington state legalized cannabis. Given his longstanding passion…