AnnaBís: From Outlaw to Elegant

AnnaBis Bag - Pants: Miss Mary Jane Co
AnnaBis Bag – Pants: Miss Mary Jane Co

Few products embody the cultural shift cannabis has been going through better than AnnaBís (pronounced Anna-Bee). From outlaw to elegant, their spin on how to store a stash is more stylish than ever.

While most cannabis enthusiasts would agree that the smell of herb is a glorious scent, not everyone agrees, so a little discretion goes a long way. This is where the airtight zipper—which doesn’t look like a zipper at all—and odor-blocking layers of material come in and shut down any possibility of smell leakage. The inside of the Italian leather piece of amazingness contains storage and organization galore, as well as the perfect place for lots of cannabis and associated gadgetry.

The bags are sure to get compliments when flaunted out and about, with everyone from grandmas to perfect strangers sure to comment on the handbag’s swag.

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