Alchemy by Dark Heart: Botanical Puff with Alchemy Vape

Nothing skunky here. Alchemy by Dark Heart’s line of hash oil vaporizer pens pairs cannabis with other botanical extracts, including terpenes. Take a puff of lavender and chamomile, or maybe lemongrass and mint for an indulgent tasty hit.

Many talk about cannabis as a medicinal plant or superfood. Alchemy is one of the first companies I’ve seen to incorporate varying plant terpenes into their cannabis concentrates. Botanical extracts and terpenes are sourced from an organic farm in Sonoma County. Alchemy’s cartridges aren’t strain specific, coming in four experiences instead: Awaken, Inspire, Explore and Relax. By organizing their oils into different experiences, Alchemy has made its products accessible to both seasoned and novice smokers.

I sampled Awaken, Inspire and Relax. My personal favorite is Awaken, which offers a clear-headed high with a zip of energy—great for tackling a to-do list. It’s also my favorite flavor, with a subtle and pleasant sweetness, and a hint of cinnamon at the finish.

Inspire had a nice clear-headed high as well, but came with a relaxing body high. I’m already a fan of caffeinated orange tea, so I was excited to find a cannabis product that gave me similar uplifted energy and great taste. Relax is a clever pairing of indica, lavender and chamomile, however I found the lavender taste too strong. As trusted providers, Alchemy’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee redeems if the experience is not satisfactory. Each individual responds differently to terpenes. For me, Relax had a similar high to the others—I was more awake and focused than relaxed.

Thank you, Alchemy, for labeling your vape pen cartridges! As someone with multiple vape pens in rotation, it’s tremendously helpful to quickly tell my cartridges apart.

For holiday shopping, discover Alchemy’s limited edition Holiday Wellness Packs with two or four experiences at a discounted price, including a battery and charger inside a commemorative tin. Holiday Wellness Pack proceeds will go to Friends Outside, providing holiday gifts to children (and caregivers) whose parents are incarcerated. Alchemy also supports The Family Giving Tree, which collects toys for Bay Area children in poverty. Cannabis patients will be able to pick up wish lists during Alchemy demos and donate toys at local participating dispensaries. Find participating dispensaries here:


Cannabis Sativa, Lemon Grass, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint, Black Pepper


Hybrid Cannabis, Vanilla, Coffee, Sweet Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Cardamom


Hybrid Cannabis, Vanilla, Jasmine, Rose, Rose Geranium


Cannabis Indica, Chamomile, Lavender


  • CO2 extraction process gives users a smooth, clean hit
  • Vape pens contain 750mg of oil; ¾ gram cannabis
  • Products are tested at CW Labs


  • Battery and Charger: $10
  • Single Cartridges: $35
  • Two Experience Holiday Wellness Pack (Battery Included) $70 ($10 savings)
  • Four Experience Holiday Wellness Pack (Battery Included) $120 ($30 savings)


Alchemy Vapes by Dark Heart

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