The 15 Most Hilarious Sports Names: Even Key & Peele Couldn’t Come Up With Names This Good

We all know it when we hear it.

That name that just makes us laugh, whether we’re high or not. Sometimes it’s a moniker that makes us question how a star athlete could actually have a name like that. Either way, it’s a name that sends you straight to google to see if it’s even real.

Here are the names of 15 active sports stars that sound like they were dreamed up by a stoner.

Madison Bumgarner – The only thing better than this Giants pitcher’s name is the fact that he dated a girl also named Madison Bumgarner. Small world!

Metta World Peace – There’s absolutely no way that the player formerly known as Ron Artest was sober when he decided to change his name to Metta World Peace.

Coco Crisp – The free-agent outfielder’s name sounds like a cereal you eat when you’ve got the munchies.

Jim Bob Cooter – The Lions offensive coordinator has a name you have to say in full every time—no exceptions.

Scooby Wright – There’s no way that somebody presumably named after Scooby-Doo isn’t a stoner.

Captain Munnerlyn – Did you read his name in a pirate accent? Because you should.

Destinee Hooker – She’s a 2012 Olympic silver medalist in volleyball. And don’t make fun of her name, or she’ll spike the ball in your face like it’s Meet the Parents.

Kobe Buffalomeat – Yes, this is an actual name, and it’s glorious. Here’s hoping that Mr. Buffalomeat becomes a Hall of Fame player in his long and illustrious career.

SteveO Michel – There’s no confirmation that this Colorado State player was named after “Jackass” star and notorious stoner Steve-o.

Corn Elder – He’s waiting for his career to really pop once he gets to the NFL.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – You can’t say or spell the Greek Freak’s name, but it does sound cool.

Taco Charlton – If this name doesn’t give you the munchies, nothing will.

Jake Butt – He’s a Butt who plays tight end. Hehehe.

Boobie Hobbs – Almost as good as Jake Butt.

Dong Dong – OK, this is WAY better than Jake Butt.

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