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Consider Your Sweet Tooth Satisfied
By: Melissa Joy Photo: Jena Schlosser

WANA BRANDS: Consider Your Sweet Tooth Satisfied 1

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If you live and medicate in Colorado, it’s probably safe to say you’ve heard of Wana Brand’s Sour Gummie Edibles. As the state’s most popular gummies, they stand out above the rest when it comes to flavor and consistency. I really love the “low dose” factor, because it enables you to enjoy more without getting overly stoned. Trust me, you’re going to Wana eat more than one (see what I did there). Whether you’re in the mood for a sativa, indica or hybrid option, they’ve got what you’re looking for. My personal favorite flavor is the sweet and juicy Watermelon. The chefs at Wana have been perfecting their recipes since 2010, which is why you can only taste your favorite fruity flavors, and not the spicy or earthy taste of the cannabis oil.

  • Wana Brands is one of Colorado’s original cannabis-infused product manufacturers.
  • In addition to edibles, Wana also produces extracts and medicinal capsules with various THC/CBD ratios
  • Ideal for both beginners and experts, their gummies range from 5mg-10mg for “start low go slow” dosing.

Available At:

RiverRock Cannabis

4935 York Street, Denver, CO 80216 & 990 West 6th Avenue, Denver, CO 80204

High Level Health

970 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO 80203 & 2028 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

Emerald Field Dispensaries

4182 E Virginia Avenue, Glendale, CO 80246

Flavors: Grape, Lemon, Green Apple, Raspberry, Orange, Peach and Watermelon.
Flavors: Grape, Lemon, Green Apple, Raspberry, Orange, Peach and Watermelon.
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