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Versace: The Strain of Luxury

Versace: The Strain of Luxury 1

Versace: The Strain of Luxury

High Fashion

Test Results THC: 15.4 % | Tested by: SC Labs

When you have a parental lineage consisting of Sour Diesel, OG Kush and GDP, you stand out in the world of sativa-dominant hybrids. Such genes deserve a name that is reflective of the traits that accompany the strain. Versace, an in-house strain grown by The Higher Path Collective is just this. The buds are dense and saturated in beautifully vibrant trichome crystals revealing a fruity and piney scent. Deep hints of luscious berries coupled with a smooth and sweet aftertaste of vanilla make this strain a consistently delicious medium into elevated happiness. Versace brought me into a mentally-active atmosphere while also relaxing my joints and muscles for a harmoniously productive experience.

The Strain of Luxury from Higher Path Collective

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