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Urban Greenhouse’s Blue Dream Shatter: You Won’t Want to Wake Up

Urban Greenhouse's Blue Dream Shatter: You Won't Want to Wake Up 1

Blue Dream Shatter

Test results: THCA: 83.6%

Tested by: Delta Verde Labs

Indica/Sativa: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Blue Dream is easily one of the most popular and distinguished strains today, making its concentrated counterpart just as attractive. Its rich, amber color caught my eye from across the room as it glittered like fresh honey dripping off the comb. I unwrapped it like a delicate piece of candy just waiting to be consumed. Its pungently sweet, citrusy aroma was enough to make my mouth water.

This sativa-dominant strain hit me like a wave, but left me in a calm, creamy ocean free from stress. My body began to relax, starting with my manic thought process, moving in to my arms and legs, and finally settling in my muscles and behind my eyes. Although I felt a sense of uplifted euphoria, I was not lethargic in anyway. I wanted to get up, move around and enjoy the full-body tingling sensation that went from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Lingering flavors danced on my tongue and I couldn’t help but be reminded of an orange creamsicle.

Finally, it left me with a smile that went from ear-to-ear, which brought back memories of my early days of smoking. For me, the most important quality of this particular concentrate was the fact that I was able to function, as well as think clearly, while enjoying its relieving effects.

Blue Dream is the ideal daytime concentrate, a must-have for anyone’s medicine cabinet and absolutely what I would expect from the quality line at Urban Greenhouse.


  • Physically relaxing and mentally uplifting
  • Perfect day-time concentrate for mental and physical elation
  • Potent flavors that dance sweetly across the tongue

Blue Dream Shatter from Urban Greenhouse


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