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TROUTMAN FARMS: Sustainably Grown—Clean Green Certified Cannabis

TROUTMAN FARMS: Sustainably Grown—Clean Green Certified Cannabis 1

Operating for over a year now outside of Colton Oregon, Troutman Farms has been putting heavy research money into becoming 100 percent sustainable. Now that they received their recreational license this past December, Troutman Farms is ready to become a leader in the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry.

We had the chance to get a tour from Cody, Troutman Farms master grower. As they were taking us from room to room, it was impressive to feel the different climates they create to ensure that each stage of production is at peak efficiency. The clone room was very humid and warm, just what you want in a nursery full of little ladies. Veg and flower rooms were massive, each row perfectly manicured and managed for their particular growing requirements.

Although they dislike the word “Organic” as a term, they don’t use any salts, or chemicals in the growing of their products. By grinding down and fermenting their stocks they are able to reuse every bit of the plant for the next generation. They even remix their soil to cut down on importing from other sources. Troutman Farms has gone through the extra hoops to receive their Clean Green Certification, which is the only nationally recognized third party certification for cannabis farms, processors and dispensaries that suggests the techniques employed will protect the environment, and public from unhealthy, unsustainable practices. The fertilizer the farm uses is a new, one of a kind product they have been testing called Green Grows. Troutman Farms has been working with them to develop several new products specific to the new cannabis market.

Troutman Farms Flower

The plethora of genetic diversity Troutman Farms has at its disposal is eye-opening. At the time of our visit, they had over 70 different strains they were experimenting with to see what would deliver the Troutman standard. With over 500 different seeds waiting to be tested, this team have a lot to explore!


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