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Trichome Tuesday: Trichome Forest – Saving Oregon’s Forests, One Pound at a Time

By: Sarah Jane Gallegos

Trichome Tuesday: Trichome Forest - Saving Oregon’s Forests, One Pound at a Time

In Oregon, we love trees. We make national news and attract celebrity conservation efforts with our battles to save them. Ever steeped in controversy, conservation of the old-growth forests of Oregon has been something of an uphill battle. The state has been known for logging throughout its history and is often a battleground for issues of deforestation. Eugene-based Trichome Forest is facing the battle head-on.  

“I like to consider us a small business with big ideas,” beamed Trichome co-owner Nate Gosney. The plan is simple. Trichome aims to buy and plant trees on one acre of land for every pound of cannabis it sells. With over 10,000 trees already planted on 80 acres of protected forestland, Trichome hopes to conserve as much of Oregon’s ancient forest as possible.  

Gosney’s vision started in Michigan over a decade ago, when he decided to move to Oregon to grow cannabis for cancer patients. He was drawn to the temperate weather and the optimal conditions to grow cannabis. Soon, Gosney was moved by the beauty of the forest and set out to preserve it.  

Together with the other members of a patients’ collective, Gosney formed Trichome under a general mission of preservation. The team, a mix of Oregon natives and transplants, sought to respect the Oregon spirit. The aim was to not only preserve forests, but also a way of life.     

“In the future, we are going to expand the area into a multiple-use forest retreat,” Gosney said.  “There will be hiking trails, things like that, so everyone can come and appreciate it. Hopefully, with the budding industry, less logging will have to be done.” By sharing the land with visitors, Gosney hopes to inspire others to fall in love with the forest the way he has. It is Trichome’s way of growing a community of nature lovers.      

This isn’t the farm’s sole effort to save the environment. Sustainability is very important to Trichome’s mission, and everyday growing practices are done with this in mind. Organic nutrients in a soil-based medium are the workhorse of this cannabis farm. Soil is recycled after each crop, minimizing environmental impact. Plants are watered with gravity-fed spring water in an effort to leave the smallest footprint possible.

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