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Toker Friendly: Know Quality in Cannabis

Toker Friendly: Know Quality in Cannabis 1


1515 S LYONS RD – AIRWAY HEIGHTS, WA 99001 – (509) 244-8728

Educated and Knowledgeable

In my short time as a writer, I have had the opportunity to meet many fantastic budtenders from a variety of stores, but believe me when I tell you the staff at Toker Friendly is unique. Given that most of the staff has had more than one job in the industry, their education and knowledge is second to none. This, combined with their humorous and down to earth personalities, makes for an exceptional experience. As if that wasn’t enough, while visiting I discovered that one of their budtenders is a former ASL interpreter and I was able to have a full conversation with him in sign.

Lit Display Case at Toker Friendly
Lit Display Case at Toker Friendly

Homey and Welcoming

Located in Airway Heights, just off of Highway-2, Toker Friendly offers a discrete location and ample off-street parking that is just perfect if you don’t feel like broadcasting where you shop to the world. Walking through the doors, you will immediately feel welcomed by the homey and inviting environment. The softly lit wooden interior meshed with the calm classic rock playing in the background sets an atmosphere that reminds me of a much classier version of my uncle’s workshop growing up. Of course he never had the amount—or quality—of product they do!

Toker Friendly Staff
Toker Friendly Staff

Quality, Not Quantity

Just by talking with a few of the budtenders I got the sense that whoever named the store “Toker Friendly” certainly wasn’t lying about the friendly part. You really feel like you are getting recommendations from your friends about what kind of product you should choose. “We don’t care about THC percentages here,” the manager, Jen Hill, told me. She continued “What matters is the quality of the product—its aroma, taste and effects are more important than the number a lab sends you.” Near the end of my visit a budtender even allowed me to sample non-infused brownies they had received that morning. They were simply delicious.


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