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The Oregon Dope Cup 2016
Recap and Winners
By: Dope Staff


Best Tincture/Sublingual/Spray

Runner Up – Night Oil by Box Extracts

Winner – Infinity Chocolate Sublingual by Infinite Apothecary

Best Topical (Medical)

Runner Up – Medical Grade Salve by The Green Heart

Winner – Frankincense and Myrrh Body Lotion by Anna Cannabis

Best Topical (Recreational)

Runner Up – The Balmb Salve

Winner – Othy’s Oil



Best CBD Edible

Winner – Zing Zinga Chews by Echo Electuary

Best Drink

Runner Up – Cannatea by Cannatea

Winner – Orange Juice by Herban Tribe

Best Savory Edible

Runner Up –Hot Pocket by The Baker Bois

Winner – Smoked Salmon by Cannavore

Best Sweet Edible Medical

Runner Up – Grape Squib by Lunchbox Alchemy

Winner – Salted Chocolate Caramel by Cannavore

Best Sweet Edible Recreational

Runner Up – Salted Caramel Truffles by Chalice Farms

Winner – Brownie by Laurie and Maryjane



Best Hashish/Bubble/Temple Ball

Runner Up – OG Infinity Temple Ball by Infinite Apothecary

Winner – Kens Original Grandaddy Purp by Joshua Steensland

Best CBD Concentrate

Runner Up – Critical Mass by East Wind Extracts

Winner – CBD 2.0 by Dirty Arm Farms

Best Rosin

Runner Up – One Star by Archive Portland

Winner – Ortega by Glass House Grown

Best Live Resin

Runner Up – Lemon Diesel by Dirty Arm Farms

Winner – Moonshine Ghost Train by Beehive Extracts

Best Hash Oil

Runner Up – Tangie Clear by FlavRX

Winner – Sprite by Kung Fu Vapes 

Best Shatter

Runner Up – Sour Diesel by Rich Extracts

Winner – Lime Apollo by Lunchbox Alchemy

Best Wax

Runner Up – Lemon Sour Diesel by OM Extracts

Winner – Ogre by OM Extracts



Best Flower Nose Medical

Runner Up – Rip City Diesel by Uplifted Farm

Winner – Orange Haze by Cannassentials

Best Flower Nose Recreational

Runner Up – Pineapple Express by Yerba Buena

Winner – Afgoo by So Fresh Farms

Best CBD Flower Medical

Runner Up – Critical Mass by East Wind Extracts

Winner – Pennywise by High Wind Farm

Best CBD Flower Recreational

Runner Up – Critical Cure by So Fresh Farms

Winner – Cannatonic #1 by Phantom Farms

Most Potent Flower Medical

Runner Up – Jedi Kush #7 from Brothers by Midnight Farms

Winner – Super Sour Diesel by Uplifted Farm

Most Potent Flower Recreational

Runner Up – Starkiller by Dog House 420

Winner – Sticky Bitch by 7 points

Best Hybrid Flower Medical

Runner Up – Clementine by Chillys Gardens

Winner – Fire OG by Saints Cannabis

Best Hybrid Flower Recreational

Runner Up – Starkiller by Dog House 420

Winner – Albert Walker by 7 points

Best Indica Dominant Flower Medical

Co-Winner – Obama Kush by High Standards PDX

Winner – Gorilla Glue #4 by Chillys Garden

Best Indica Dominant Flower Recreational

Runner Up – Purple Kush by Phantom Farms

Winner – Kosher Kush by So Fresh Farms

Best Sativa Dominant Flower Medical

Runner Up – Moonshine Ghost Train by Fractal Farms

Winner – One Star by Archive Portland

Best Sativa Dominant Flower Recreational

Runner Up – SFV OG Kush Dog House 420

Winner – Triangle Kush by Herban Tribe

And the winners of The Oregon Dope Cup 2016 are…

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