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The Hidden Bush: Where Sasquatch Gets Cannabis

The Hidden Bush: Where Sasquatch Gets Cannabis

The Place

As legend has it, the reason the infamous creature better known as Sasquatch has never been found is because he’s hiding in Port Angeles, more specifically, behind The Hidden Bush. 

The Hidden Bush is nestled at the foot of the Olympic Mountain Range. It is a premier location for tourist traffic and locals alike, featuring old school Seahawks blue with the new-age lime green outside, which most definitely captures Pacific Northwest spirit. You’ll find a large mural facing the highway, where a nine-foot depiction of the legendary Sasquatch sits, appropriately leaning over a cannabis plant. There’s also a Sasquatch statue and the Squatch Mart in the works, where visitors can take pictures and peruse a variety of cannabis-themed apparel and memorabilia.

The People

The individuals that make up the team at The Hidden Bush are a close-knit group of family and friends. It is owned by Heather and Anthony Owen, with Heather’s brother Randy Stark tending to the majority of management duties. This staff of ten has deep roots and strong relationships in the medical cannabis community, making them a compendium of cannabis information. And with customer demographics at this fine shop ranging from 21 to 80+, you can rest assured there’s something for anyone and everyone that walks through the door.

The Plants

Anthony and Randy are quick to say that The Hidden Bush strives to “bring the best product for the best price” and always keeps their customers as their highest priority. This is likely why you can find everything from $25 specials on eighths, edibles in the five-dollar range, and a ridiculously large wax selection. They also carry the full line of Omega Concentrates and gorgeous flowers from Canna Organix, both strong reasons to make your way to The Hidden Bush for your next cannabis shopping experience.

3230 East HWY 101 
Port Angeles, WA
The Hidden Bush


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