The Green Avengers: TGA Subcool

By Justin Green

In the dawning years of the internet, a squad of digital soldiers came together for the good of the world. Together, their mission was to promote the cannabis plant to legendary status, thus expanding cannabis cultivation to a level where so much quality medicine would be grown that nobody could do anything about it. They called themselves The Green Avengers. As their voices crescendoed to a mighty war cry, one man emerged as their leader; the father of so many mothers and a man whose passion for cannabis has changed the world. He is Subcool, a true master of cannabis genetics.

Since rooting himself in the medicinal cannabis culture of the Pacific Northwest, Subcool aka ‘Sub’ has done nothing but shake the marijuana seismograph as his every step leaves a greater footprint. We are incredibly lucky to share our state with this titan of cannabis. His accomplishments include producing strains that have won numerous Cannabis Cup Awards from High Times Magazine as well as being inducted into the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame. Since his words began rippling across the world wide web, his tried and true organic Super Soil recipe has been used for years around the globe by followers of his method to produce some of the purest and most potent medicine in the world.
It’s been an honor to work with such a heavy-hitter, especially one who carries such pride in the Pacific Northwest.

JG: So Sub, it’s been a long time since you started cultivating cannabis. What brought you to growing?

Subcool: I wasn’t born with a green thumb. In fact, I am not really that great with house plants and such. It was my passion for the plant and how it could benefit others that drove me to learn all I could about how to best cultivate a plant that changed my life. This same passion is why I teach people what I know on a daily basis and hope to my whole life. If you have a passion for
this plant, you can learn how to grow it. You just have to put in the work to take in the knowledge that’s now freely provided on the internet about cultivation.

JG: Your Super Soil and grow techniques are known in every marijuana mecca the world has. I share your philosophy on the importance of a living microbial soil for our plants to have the purest, most potent and clean medicine. I don’t necessarily think that ‘nutrient’ is a word that needs to be in a grower’s vocabulary. This month that you grace our cover, do you have any super secrets for the fans of Dope?

Sub: I grow as organically, or as close as possible, so that my medicine has the best possible taste and flavor. I have been growing for some 40 years and over this time, I have come to believe the best-tasting flowers and resins come from plants that are grown in soil and not pushed by strong nutrients and hormones. You can find my recipe easily by typing ‘Subcool’s Super Soil’ into any search engine. You can also see a video of me preparing the soil on YouTube, same key words. I am also happy to share with Dope readers that TGA Super Soil will soon be for sale in many grow and soil shops.

JG: Incredible! That is just another way you are growing for the patients! You’ve been working with School, how did you become involved in such awesome philanthropic endeavors?

Sub: My Washington State representative, Jinxproof, and his wife are very good friends of MzJill and myself and have an autistic child. They have always helped other families and last year presented me with the idea to host a two-day ‘School of Dank’. The event raised $13,000 and was such a success, we plan to do it every year. It is held in the SODO district in Seattle in November and only patients can attend.

JG: Awesome stuff! It is great to see a cannabis super hero like yourself giving back so much to the community on top of what you have already done for the improvement of the cannabis genome. Speaking of quality genetics, I’m thinking that your Jack the Ripper is the Mona Lisa of our time. How did this masterpiece come to be?

Sub: When I moved out West and I got my legal status and started working to create better medical strains. The most dominant female is a short sticky female we call Lemon and can be identified by the Resin-Taco look of her resinous, inward-curling leaves. The other main pheno is a more Space-Queen dominant than can easily be spotted by her tall stretch and long internodal-spacing. This phenotype actually developed slower than the other type and I culled her even though others that tried her loved her. There is slight variation, but every female reeks of lemons, haze, incense and over-powering sour fruit. The big surprise, however, is not the great taste but the extreme buzz that seems to cut through any type weed. Even after smoking Apollo or even bubble hash all day, when I have a few bowls of JTR, it just makes my heart race and my ears ring. I find myself talking faster, laughing and telling stories more than usual while high on JTR. It doesn’t seem to have a ceiling and the more smoke, the higher I get to the point my vision will actually blur from multiple bong hits. Jack the Ripper has earned a spot in gardens around the world and so many people come up and thank me in person for creating their favorite plant!

JG: With test results at 26 percent THC and the astonishing levels of THCV at six percent! Could you share with the Dope family the exciting news about THCV?

Sub: I had never heard of THCV before I stumbled on the test results at Full Spectrum Labs, but when I saw the results for JTR coming in with total active cannabinoids of 26.06 percent, I studied the test results more carefully and saw the listing for THCV at 5.05 percent. After spending a few hours using the searchable database at FSL, I discovered only a small number of samples testing
for THCV and none as high as JTR. What the hell is it and what does it do? My research has uncovered the following information. Unlike your body’s own cannabinoid anandamide or plant-based THC, THCV does not activate CB1 receptors. THCV instead binds and activates with the CB2 receptors as well as blocking the activation of the CB1 receptors, serving as an antagonist. CB2 receptors, found more in the immune system, are thought to be responsible for cannabis’ beneficial effects on autoimmune disorders. THCV is a powerful antioxidant that actually attracts free radicals. According to Spanish and British researchers, the effects of THCV show promising results in the field of Parkinson’s research and the treatment of ameliorating Parkinson’s symptoms. It would be nice if we had U.S. testing data, but in the U.S., science seems to be determined by politicians, not real data. What I can tell you is THCV is now available in a natural medicine, one that big pharma is not making a profit on. It can be found in the TGA strain, Jack The Ripper, and while some don’t like the name, I choose its medicinal effects can not be denied any longer.

JG: You’re onto something there. Your career has had such positive effects on the health and lives of so many in Washington. Green Avengers across the state and country have found guidance in your words. I can’t wait for your advanced grow guide, “Cannabis L.A.W.S.: Lights, Atmosphere, Water, Soil, Expert Advice for the Experienced Grower” to hit the press! I’m always ready to absorb more grow knowledge! A true freedom fighter for the patients of Washington and the world, Subcool is a master of genetics. A champion of grow.

8 large bags of high-quality organic potting soil with coco and Mycorrhizae (1.5 CUFT)
25-50 lbs. of organic worm castings
5 lbs. of fish-bone meal
5 lbs. Bat guano (Bloom formula)
5 lbs. Blood meal
¾ cup Epsom salt
3/4 cup Sweet lime (Dolomite)
3/4 cup Azomite ( Trace element)
2 tbsp. powdered Humic acid

Be sure to check out the videos of Sub preparing his soil on It is quite the process, but has proven to grow a wonderful product that only requires water.