Terpene Enhanced Capsules

By Mike Condon

Perhaps you’ve heard tale that eating a mango prior to smoking marijuana can increase the high. The reason for this is mangoes contain myrcene, a natural terpene. All plants and organisms contain various terpenes, lavender, lemons, sage, mint, mangoes, pine, black pepper just to name a few. Cannabis plants are no exception. They are the reason for the different smells associated with different strains. When you take a long whiff of a jar of marijuana and detect citrus notes, or chocolate undertones, those are the terpenes showing their excitement to make your nasal acquaintance.

Terpenes don’t just affect the smell of cannabis. By themselves, terpenes aid in sedation, GABA production and anxiety relief. Evidence shows that they synergize well with the cannabinoids that are exclusive to cannabis plants for a more holistic healing. They’re used by our bodies as a sort of “delivery system” for cannabinoids and help them travel through the blood/brain barrier. Enhancing terpenes into your system can increase the duration of your relief as well as bring it on quicker. That spells faster pain management for those who choose to eat instead of smoke their medicine for pain. It also helps us understand why prescription THC pill Marinol doesn’t work that well by itself. The cannabis plant is most effective with all its components, or its “entourage effect”. Effectively assisting with the synchronicity of the whole plant and all its parts.

Undoubtedly at some access points you’ve noticed a version of THC capsules. Perhaps some are high THC or high CBD, Indica or Sativa, but only a few places have Terpene-Enchanced THC pills. Many people have chosen medical marijuana for their medicine in order to forsake the dreaded pills and capsules. With the negative connotation of pharmaceutical pills, I can understand why. But these are nature’s cure, done correctly with true holistic health in mind. Head out and locate these Terpene-Enhanced capsules and there is no need to fret when mangoes aren’t in season.