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Tech Thursday: Lift Cannabis Expo Lands in Vancouver

Tech Thursday: Lift Cannabis Expo Lands in Vancouver

Lift Cannabis Expo Lands in Vancouver

As Canada ponders its next moves concerning cannabis legalization, everything from advocacy to industry within the movement is becoming more accessible to the masses. And for those looking to be a part of the emerging scene, events such as the Lift Cannabis Expo provide a unique opportunity to gain insight into what’s coming around the corner. In the words of Lift CEO Tyler Sookochoff, “The entire world is watching with bated breath to see how cannabis legalization will take place in this country, and Vancouver is the epicenter for Canada’s vibrant cannabis community.”

The event will be held at the Vancouver Convention Center on September 16th and 17th. The cannabis start-up group Arcview will be having a pitch competition, and over 130 exhibitors will be on-hand. Featured speakers will include many notable names from cannabis world, including Dr. Brian Emerson and Hilary Black.

For those interested in attending, more event information and tickets are available at:


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