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SWEET FROSTED COOKIES: Frozen Water Hash Will Chill You Out

By: RadioHash

THC: 65.75% | Sonoma Lab Works

This ice water hash is frozen, so serve chilled. Sparkling throughout, it’s got an olive, icy tone. The scent is sweet and tart, like a candy. When I cut a tiny icicle of Cookies 36 G-cut and placed it on the e-nail, it sizzled. The flavor is powered with the signature taste of GSC, yet sweet and mildly tart, like a frosted cookie. Effects kicked in the face and head first, and then relieved pain throughout my body. C36GC also elevated my mood and unlocked thoughts.

C36GC hails from Forum Cookies x ’97 KC 36. Higher Ground Farm’s motto is “Sustainability, Community, Integrity,” and they back their ethos up with single-source practices and a Clean Green Certification. Higher Ground Farms reaches new heights with its inspection process, based on the International Farming Standards for Organic Farming. Their plants listen to “beautiful music from around the world, eight hours a day” while growing.

Available at: Emerald Pharms 13771 U.S. 101, Hopland, CA 95449  |  1944 Ocean Cooperative 1944 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94127  |  Redwood Coast Collective 10090 Hwy 9, Ben Lomond, CA 95005


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