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Strong, Deep, Rich Chocolate: Korova-Mint Black Bar

Strong, Deep, Rich Chocolate: Korova-Mint Black Bar 1

Mint Black Bar by Korova

Test results: THC: 1000mg CBD: 12mg

Tested by: CW Analytical

Indica/Sativa: Hybrid

Packaged in a re-sealable black pouch, branded with a cow bearing a thirdeye and a claim reading “Unrivaled Potency,” Korova’s Mint Black Bar is a reputable contender in the market with quality, potency and price-per-milligram in mind. One package—20 doses—weighs in at 1000mg THC. Inside is a double-layered, moist and delicious mint chocolate chip brownie with mint green mesh frosting. I tasted whole ingredients that resemble an old family recipe and very little, if any, cannabis taste. Its chocolate upon chocolate and sweet mint dazzled my taste buds, leading into the effects it would have on the rest of me. So good, it’s easy to forget it’s medicine unless you have a higher tolerance for medibles. It’s recommended that consumers gradually dose to a desired amount. Don’t worry about any staleness either, with its re-sealable packaging, the bar remains fresh for up to three months while we take our time.

“Being high-potency also allows people to achieve maximum medicinal intake with minimal caloric intake.”

– Korova Team


  • Treatment for extreme pain
  • Mood-enhancing
  • Great for insomnia

Mint Black Bar by Korova


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