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STARFIGHTER: Perfect Phenotype with Soaring Effects

By: Melissa Joy

THC: 25-29% | RM3 Labs

I love finding an indica-dominant hybrid that doesn’t make me feel groggy. This Starfighter from The Farm in Boulder provided the perfect high for being in the mountains all weekend long. It was the ideal strain for the slopes, as it relaxed and took the edge off, without making me sleepy. Bred by Alien Genetics long ago, the original parents of Starfighter are Alien Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg. Since the original strain is now considered rare, it is highly sought after by both growers and cannabis connoisseurs alike. This phenotype from The Farm has a spicy and astringent nose to it, and leads to a powerful, yet pleasantly well-balanced high that seems to stimulate a different region of the head than other strains.

  • Insanely potent
  • Cross: male Starfighter F1 and a female Starfighter F
  • Pungent aroma of earthy pine

Available At: The Farm | 2801 Iris Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301 | (303) 440-1323


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