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Starbaked Butter: Cannabis Infused Almond Butter

Starbaked Butter: Cannabis Infused Almond Butter 1

Starbaked Butter

14.7mg THC per 1.25 Oz jar | 1.07mg THC in ½ teaspoon—7 teaspoons per jar

Organic, raw almonds ground for 24 hours create this intoxicating nut spread that I have fallen in love with! Being a fourth-generation almond farmer myself, I was ecstatic to discover this amazing almond creation. Starbaked Butter Maca 15, blends almonds with cinnamon, maca, vanilla and cannabis into a smooth and luscious spread that honestly needs nothing more than a spoon. The almond oil itself allows the THC to work its way through the digestive system and liver allowing for a smooth, prolonged experience. Additionally, the Peruvian superfood ‘maca’ increases energy, stamina and sexual arousal of all things! I can’t think of anything better than this tasty, beneficial butter. Enjoy all three blends—Maca, CBD and Cacao.

  • Includes Peruvian superfood ‘maca’

  • Gluten-free

  • Paleo-friendly



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