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Spokane Green Leaf

Spokane Green Leaf

Spokane Green Leaf sits quietly in an inconspicuous strip mall next to a sauna shop and Jazzercise studio off of Country Homes Blvd. The interior is alluring with rustic barn wood walls juxtaposed with modern industrial shelves containing some of the state’s best bud strains and edibles.

Not dissimilar from a micro-brewery or chic bakery, a large black chalk board covered in fancy script lists the store’s menu giving it a very familiar hometown vibe.

A complex variety of products lines their shelves, and more local favorites are easy to spot in large glass jars. Menu items written in red chalk correspond to indicas, while green corresponds to sativas, and yellow for hybrids. This color coded scheme makes navigating through the store’s vast array of products an easy task.

Despite their fantastic visual organization, the bud-tenders are the real assets.

They’ve developed the keen ability to anticipate the wants and needs of a diverse clientele here. Studious looking grandfathers, sharp professional women, and several couples in their late 20’s, all filtered into the store as I stood waiting to meet the two owners.

A little over a year ago,Todd Bennatt and Kirk Haggerty left their careers in environmental engineering and corporate product supply chains, to make their imprint on Washington State’s history. Both were passionate about the new socioeconomic implications of legalization, and both were eager to join in on the social movement.

With the help of their wives and their love for cannabis, Todd and Kirk have succeeded. When their doors first opened over a year ago, the crowd was high on anticipation, anxiously waiting to be a part of history. Spokane Green Leaf is Eastern Washington’s very first retail cannabis store, and representing that freedom well, it continues to be voted as one of Spokane’s favorites.


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