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SPARC: San Francisco Patient Resource Center

SPARC: San Francisco Patient Resource Center 1
Staff at SPARC
Staff at SPARC

Since 2009, the San Francisco Patient Resource Center (SPARC) has stood watch over the city’s flourishing SOMA district. SPARC lives up to San Francisco’s long-held tradition of being untraditional. Their flagship dispensary has a translucent-glass façade resembling the molecular structure of THC, and they’ve won multiple awards for the shop’s modern sleek interior. Inspired by Twin Peaks Tavern, the first gay bar in the nation to have clear windows, SPARC is the first cannabis collective to embody transparency.

“We encourage members to come out, be proud, and compel the public to reinterpret the cannabis industry as a mainstream medium for wellness,” says Joel Freston, SPARC’s Public Affairs Manager.

Volcano Vape Station at SPARC
Volcano Vape Station at SPARC

The salon-style patient area allows for vaping onsite with a Volcano vaporizer at each of four separate stations with cute wooden tables and benches; grinders, trays, and sanitary wipes are provided. They also lay out different types of vaporizers for patients to try, including both the PAX and VapeXhale devices.

SPARC has a huge menu with over 45 strains available ranging from $25 to $65 plus tax per 1/8th ounce. Standouts include Dr. Who, Platinum Romulan, and Purple Platinum, which is what I picked up; concentrates range from $10 to $80/g. Over 30 brands of edible products are stocked, including Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites, Korova 51/50 bars, and Native Seed Granola Bites featuring a 1:1 ratiod of THC to CBD. Patients take advantage of the in-store express order system utilizing an order sheet to help speed things along for patients that need it. First timers always receive 15% off and everyone gets a free birthday gram, because that’s just the way they roll.

SPARC also offers a compassion program that provides free, lab-tested cannabis to local hospice and healthcare facilities, including Maitri and Cohen Residence. Programs like this have caused SPARC to gain local community recognition as an organization that actively contributes to local vitality.

Exciting services fill the calendar including Open Mic Night, Game Night, cannabis education consultations, acupuncture, live jazz, vendor presentations, and regular product giveaways.


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