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#SMOKELOCALS: Elevating the Experience

#SMOKELOCALS: Elevating the Experience 3

“Craft cannabis is what we are all about,” is the mantra from Jon Brindle at Locals Canna House and yes they hit that mantra day in and day out with ease.

The Place:

As my right foot breaks the plain of outside to inside, I immediately notice display cases filled with products from a wide range of cannabis categories. To my left I spot shelves of locally sourced glass just as my ears catch a song by the Rolling Stones, it’s a personal favorite, “Gimme Shelter.”

I start to feel the vibe of complete comfort while standing amongst the circulation of customers. In absolute amazement, I watch the sheer quantity of humans walking in and out of the front glass doors. On the back wall, encased with local, repurposed wood from a family owned barn, is a digital display of available inventory. With the names of the strains and what category they fall in accompanying each title, you can see price and potency out of the gate.


I lay a gaze upon a few amazingly hand-crafted wood round tables that are filled with sniff jars from local growers and accompanying strain information. Locals prides itself in serving up the best of local, hand crafted cannabis. You see this with the diversity of the products they carry. From your everyday, cost effective flower, to your connoisseur products at the reasonable market price. Products from Bella Donna, Premier Cannabis, Dab Dudes, Hi Guys, THCBD and GLW are just a few of the vendors.

The People:

With a staff of highly qualified and educated bud tenders, you can stand within earshot and hear the most knowledgeable of conversations. From potency, growing techniques, flower structure, effects and terpene profiles, this team’s education is obvious. This stand-alone precision is standard for Locals Canna House and with Jon Brindle leading the crew, he has the ability to touch upon all aspects of cannabis horticulture and beyond.


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