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Smokane: Spokane’s One-Stop Canna Shop

Smokane: Spokane’s One-Stop Canna Shop

Smokane won’t be the most visible shop on the block, but look hard enough and you will be happy you found it. The owners of Smokane have been involved in the cannabis movement far before Washington State opened doors to recreational stores. They closely watched as California voters passed the bill to legalize cannabis in the Sunshine State, and were elated to join in when the opportunity arose in the Evergreen State.

Owners Perry Burk and Tin Van are highly involved in the Spokane community.I Passionate about the possibilities this new industry offers, they wholeheartedly believe in the benefits that can come from taxpayers’ dollars. Burk helps Spokane’s disabled and elderly, and business partner Van has been involved in large projects building churches and schools in Southeast Asia.

Not only are these two business partners regularly involved in community advancements, they have extended this habit of social outreach to their cannabis business too. Along with a return customer point system, they have also partnered with Veterans for Compassionate Care (VFCC) to bring products to veterans within the Spokane community. With all of the social good these two Spokanites are involved in, it made sense to hand over the daily operations to Tin’s daughter Sothy. Bringing extensive experience in luxury branding and retail promotion to the team, her expert touch is evident the minute guests enter Smokane’s doors. The interior radiates industrial elegance and the sleek décor is a clean canvas showcasing an impressive selection.

Customer retention, and thus customer service, are both a high priority here, making this a shop that has patrons leaving happy and feeling cared for. Sothy Low concludes, “If we won’t smoke it, we won’t sell it. We stand behind the products we sell. We want to set the standard for the recreational [cannabis] industry, from how the product should be marketed and sold, to how the product should be tested, and how tax dollars should be spent to benefit our community.”


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