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By: Mskindness B.

THC 76.93% | CBD 0.16%

Righteous Cats Extracts have stayed loyal to their run with the WonderBrett strain, and this Purple Clementine does not disappoint. I felt a little guilty ripping through the beautiful purple sticker on the packaging, but that quickly faded when I was hit by the concentrate’s sweet citrus odor. Manipulation was easy with its sappy texture, and the clarity was superb.

I kept my first hit small. I wanted to savor the pungent lemon scent. After another hit, I could already feel the approaching euphoria. It had a smooth finish, followed by a long, mellow experience that came with the creative streak this stain is known for. Righteous Cats take pride in their process, and it’s beyond evident in this gem.


  • Pungent citrus smell and taste
  • Long, balanced euphoria
  • Energetic and creative high

Available at: Green Light District | 1658 W 227th St. Torrance, CA 90501


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