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Review: The Game Got A New Strain

Review: The Game Got A New Strain

The Game Got A New Strain!

Tested by: SC LabsIndica/Sativa: Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Producer: The Game | Provided by: The Reserve OC

I got my hands on The Game’s newest hit, VIP Ticket, and it’s a banger. When opening the jar, my senses were overpowered by the pungent aroma of fresh lemons and limeade. Upon recovering from my sensory overload, I dove back in for another slow inhale. A few deep whiffs later, I could sense some skunky notes through the overwhelming citrus aroma. The flowers have a voluptuous appeal due to the swollen calyxes. High resin content gives the flower an incredibly dense, sticky feel between the fingers. Upon medicating, I received an uplifting cerebral buzz. VIP Ticket tasted like sipping a cool mojito in a hot club, with an exhale smoother than all your best dance moves.


– Relaxing cerebral effects

– Good for stress and anxiety relief

– All day West Coast enjoyment

the game_mg_7179_dope_october




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