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Review: Stained Glass Dispensary
Healthy Cannabis Is A Healthier You
By: Alex Snyder Photos: Jena Schlosser

Review: Stained Glass Dispensary 6
Stained Glass Disensary's team
Stained Glass Dispensary’s team

The People:

Stained Glass is a medical-only store managed by a cohesive and dedicated team of 4 people: owners Amy and John alongside general manager Evan and media strategist/jack-of-all-trades Katie. With their welcoming attitude and genuine appreciation for clean medicine, this team makes every visit unique, informative, and highly enjoyable. Members of Stained Glass enjoy special benefits including waiting room massages and free grow classes. With a culture built upon respect, gratitude, education and innovation, Stained Glass unequivocally sets itself apart from the competition.

Interior view of Stained Glass Dispensary
Interior view of Stained Glass Dispensary

The Place:

First opened on October 1, 2015, Stained Glass is a beautiful boutique dispensary providing high quality organic flowers and clones in Colorado Springs. Clean wooden surfaces and stylish furniture create a comfortable setting, and original artwork adorns the bright white walls. The façade will soon be updated with an attractive and locally crafted green cross made of—that’s right—stained glass. If you’re ever in Colorado Springs, be sure to stop by for a fresh and sticky experience with some of our state’s best cannabis.

Products from Stained Glass Dispensary
Products from Stained Glass Dispensary

The Product:

Upon entering Stained Glass, customers are invited to view the mother room through a clean glass window where the highly sought-after clones are on display. Customers as well as other dispensaries are quick to purchase products from this organic dispensary, knowing that the flowers and buds are of the highest, most unadulterated quality in the area. A lot of the cannabis in Colorado is dry due to the altitude, but since Stained Glass sells out each crop within 3-4 days, the buds are always sticky, sweet and so fresh they can be pulled apart leaf by leaf. For the best buds, clones, and concentrates, Stained Glass is one of the most reliable and compliant dispensaries around.

Lounge area of Stained Glass Dispensary
Lounge area of Stained Glass Dispensary

Stained Glass got its name by the color of the concentrates it sells. The beautiful shards of shatter are so bright and clear it’s “like stained glass.”

Brittany Palmer, a member of Stained Glass, had fibromyalgia and was taking 16 painkillers a day. Desperate to get off this regimen of medication, she took raw leaves from the plants at Stained Glass, juiced them and put them in protein shakes. After trying this remedy, she was finally able to get off the prescription drugs and is now on her way to becoming the in-house juicer at Stained Glass.

Stained Glass Dispensary
Stained Glass Dispensary

Hours: Mon–Sat: 10am–6:00pm | Sun: Closed


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