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Review: Speakeasy Dispensary

Review: Speakeasy Dispensary 2
Speakeasy Dispensary TopShelf
Speakeasy Dispensary TopShelf

The Speakeasy Dispensary in Santa Ana is about to become the premier Orange County dispensary if the owner/management team of Josh Hartsel and “Aloha” Mike Kelly have anything to say about it.

With great product, a gorgeous interior, and serious cannabis industry network supporting them, they’re certainly off to an auspicious start.

Hartsel has a doctorate in organic chemistry from Virginia Tech and a postdoc degree from UC Irvine. He’s a published author and an expert in cannabis related biology who’s won six Cannabis Cup awards since leaving the testing company he founded. Aloha Mike opened Santa Ana’s first dispensary and fought the good fight during the early days of legalization. He went to jail briefly before meeting Hartsel, who was testing Kelly’s strains at his company. Together they are now catering to high-end OC clientele who appreciate the organic, clean cannabis products and strains available at the store—specifically Speakeasy’s pure golden cannabis oil with no artificial additives.

Speakeasy offers over 40 strains of bud including the popular J-1 and Blackberry OG. The staff, trained by SC Labs, knows the chemical profile for each strain and can guide even the most inexperienced to the right products for their needs. The staff vets out and tests the herb of all of their growers.

“From their privately owned extraction lab in San Diego, Speakeasy is the sole supplier to WuGoo, the newest celebrity vaping project from Ghostface Killah and Killah Priest of the Wu-Tang Clan.”

The main room is gorgeous, open, and bright with bud displays reminiscent of a luxury jewelry or eyewear store. Ironic, considering some of these engineered, organic flowers will leave you wonderfully bleary eyed. There’s even a viewing microscope set up to display on an iPad allowing for an up-close view of all the beautiful crystals and trichomes. DOPE reviewed their eponymous Speakeasy Pen, and that product alone is worth the trip to OC.

Magnified Bud on iPad

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