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Review: Seagoat Cannabis Company

Review: Seagoat Cannabis Company 2

Seagoat Cannabis Company

THC: 75% | CBD: 25%

Tested by: Steep Hill Labs  | Produced by: Seagoat Cannabis (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

As rich as it is relaxing, the colorful Seagoat Bonbon boasts a moderately powerful punch for its size. One of these Salted Caramel Bonbons literally melted in my mouth as I bit into its creamy, cannabis-infused interior. The fusion of the Venezuelan cacao and Northwest cannabis was tastefully done. After a few minutes short of a half-hour, I was rooted into my couch, but laser focused on a Monday night Netflix session. The 3:1 ratio of THC to CBD seemed to keep my mind engaged and uplifted, while allowing my body to fall into relaxation.

One dose of this treat was enough to keep me moderately sedated and euphoric for an entire evening.


Mind engaging and uplifting

Tension relieving

Quells anxiety and promotes rest



Green Theory


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